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This constantly evolving site serves as a hub for designers to access style guides, templates, and other helpful resources to make brand approved communications.


Whether you work here full time or have just been hired to help out on a quick project, if your audience is fellow employees or customers, dealers, or investors, these guides and resources were created to help ensure consistency across your work and that of your fellow designers.


Color, design, words, and symbols—used creatively, these elements combine to make everything from business cards to buildings recognizable, memorable, and a powerful presentation of our brand.


Our work is guided by a set of design tenets that represent our point of view on design for products, communications, and everything else we create.


Color is critical part of our brand—can’t beat that immediately recognizable Herman Miller red, right—and we use it to enhance our communications and to inspire our customers.


At Herman Miller, typography is a critical communication tool. We use it to convey ideas, to organize information, to create clear hierarchies in our messages, and to align our expression across media, geography, and audience.


The four principles that are necessary in experiences that anyone can access and use must have content that is perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.



Digital Tools
ToolDefinitionWhat It’s For

Sketch is an industry leading digital design app

Product design, content design, asset production

InVision is a digital design platform

Prototyping, design feedback, mood boards

Design and development handoff tool

Product design, development hand off

Collection of creative apps and tools

Graphic design, marketing, branding


Digital Resources

Sync to the Picnic library for Adobe apps.

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Get access to all typefaces used by our family of brands.

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